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The more people expect of you. That, I’ve decided, is the problem with advertisers’ fear of online advertisement.

I just attended a webinar, and one of the recurrent themes throughout the talk is that the lack of metrics holds back advertisers from embracing online advertising. Lack of metrics? Are you serious?

No, the web metrics are not perfect, and many of them are still in flux. But label them for what they are — complex, confusing, involved, etc. One things that they are NOT is “absent”, especially when compared to data available with other media.

So why are people saying web metrics are lacking? I think there are two reasons: 1. They simply don’t understand what is available to them, and 2. They want more because they expected the web to be extremely rich in metrics and completely measurable (which it is). So since the baseline for web metrics is high, people just expect more. In other words, the higher the baseline, the higher the expectation.

I think some proper web analytics education is long overdue. As a strong proponent of using web analytics to drive web business decisions, I believe the next hurdle for all of us who live and breathe the web is to educate the media planners and buyers the intrinsic power of web data.

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