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I am a big Matrix fan…only the first one though.  The sequels were too commercialized and lack the substance that was packed into the first movie.  I think I like the Matrix because it’s very Buddhist, and it’s a much more profound movie than any other I’ve seen.  Turns out the author of one of my favorite blogs is also a big Matrix fan.  I’ve actually forgotten how big of a fan he is until I was catching up on his writing over the holiday break.  Here is an excerpt of his post that I am particularly interested in (in reference to The Matrix):

“The world is constantly evolving, and in order to move along its path, it needs all kinds of people. No one is better or worse than anyone else, because we all have our part to play. We can’t all be Neo, whose purpose was to end the war between the humans and the machines.

  • Someone needs to be Morpheus, whose purpose was to free Neo from the Matrix.
  • Someone needs to be Tank, whose purpose was to save Neo and Trinity from Cypher’s betrayal.
  • Someone needs to be Thadeus, whose purpose was to warn everyone that the machines were amassing an army to attack Zion.
  • Someone needs to be the Keymaker, whose purpose was to give Neo the key that would let him reach the Source.
  • Someone needs to be Trinity, whose purpose was to give Neo a choice of not rebooting the Matrix and rebuilding Zion.

“All of these people have a purpose, and if one fails, we all fail. So let’s support each other in doing what we’re each supposed to do, whatever that may be.

One of my bigger thinking projects in 2008 was answering the question of who I am and finding and fulfilling the purpose of my life.  While I don’t have all the answers just yet, I definitely have a clearer picture of who I am and what it is I should be doing in this world.  There were times, however, that I felt my purpose in life simply isn’t grand enough, but the excerpt above reminded me that we each have an important part to play no matter how big or small our part may be.  It’s a perfect reminder to start the new year, so thank you, Hunter, for the post!

Have you thought about your part to play in this world?  How do you intend to make a positive impact in this world and leave it better than the way you found it?  Remember, the size of your role is irrelevant as long as you fulfill your part of the purpose.  We can’t all be Neo because then the whole purpose fails!

I was browsing for inspiration earlier today when I came across a very short e-book by Stephen Martile titled, “The Genius Within You: How To Uncover Your Inner Genius, Natural Ability, and Life Purpose.”  It’s only 16 pages long, but it took me forever to get through the whole thing.  In fact, I am still not through with it.  It’s not that it was hard to read — in fact, it was so well written even an 5th-grader can read it with ease.  Rather, what stumped me was my effort to answer the questions the e-book posed, mainly, “Who am I?”

I find myself answering the question with, “I want to (i.e. love and be loved, help others, etc.)…” or “I am a web analyst (but our career and jobs don’t define who we are)” or “I see myself doing so-and-so a few years from now.”  Those are all good answers, but they don’t answer the question at all.  Why is it so hard to answer such a simple question?

Who am I?  Who are you?  Who are we?

Is the reason the answer so hard to come by because we’ve lost our inner self as we’ve grown up (in size and age, not in the spiritual sense)?  Or is the reason we’ve never truly answered that question from the start?

I don’t know, but I have something else to ponder during my down time now.  More than having an answer for myself, I want to find out how one answers that question.  And when I have an answer, I will share with you.  Please stay tuned!

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