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Every Friday is Wisdom Friday.  It’s just a way for me to share with my readers the little gems of life that I’ve learned either during the week or living life in general.

I don’t remember how I stumbled upon this — it may have been some wise words uttered by one of my mentors or a phrase I picked up from reading leadership books or I came up with it all by myself.  “This” refers to always starting a project (however large or small) by knowing what the end goal is.

I didn’t always know that little nugget of wisdom, and for a while when I did know about it, I didn’t always practice it.  The result of my youthful mistake was occasionally I end up with the desirable results, but more often than not, I didn’t get what I wanted.

Why is starting with the end in mind a good thing?  More than anything else, it anchors and provides you with the destination of your journey (yes, projects are like journeys).  Just like having a clear destination helps you to be a more effective driver, having a destination for your project guides you in the path towards completion.

Starting with the end in mind also helps by providing concrete and sometimes vivid goals that come in handy in times of trial and tribulation. For example, it’s much easier to tackle the hills during a marathon when the finish line is within sight.

So try it — one project at a time if you aren’t used to the idea, and please share how this habit changed your life.

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