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Every Friday is Wisdom Friday.  It’s just a way for me to share with my readers the little gems of life that I’ve learned either during the week or living life in general.

I am not sure if this true for everybody, but I find that it is infinitely easier to change myself if I first adjust my attitude to fit the new me.  For example, I’ve been trying to practice patience for most of this year.  Patience comes in many forms, but for me a lot of it is about having compassion towards others who have done me wrong.  I realize a lot of the mishaps that lead to my angry state are unintentional, yet many times they anger me just the same.

For most of this year, I tried hard to control my anger without much success.  The problem with that approach is I was treating the symptoms and not the cause.  It wasn’t until I actively tried to adjust my attitude that I began to make progress.  In my case, instead of artificially telling myself the incidents should not bother me, I told myself there was no reason to be angry because the consequences of what happened were unintentional.  The more I actively changed my attitude towards the environment that triggered my anger in the first place, the more I was able to divorce myself from anger.  The result?  I am proud to say that I have not been angry in over a month as of this writing!

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