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My 3rd generation iPod finally died a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to upgrade and get an iPod Touch. I wanted to wait for the 3G iPhone before jumping on that bandwagon, but now I kinda regret my decision. But before we get to that, let me start from the beginning:

When it was time to replace my kaput iPod, I was choosing between a regular iPod and a Touch. The reason for getting a regular iPod was, well, I really only used my iPod to carry my entertainment with me. I didn’t need anything fancy. At the same time, I was also fascinated with the Touch. I absolutely loved the design, and I thought the ability to connect to Internet would come in handy. So after going through some extensive internal dialogues with myself (I am a very practical gal and struggled to convince myself the practicality of my purchase), I decided on the Touch.

The purchase came in the mail last week, and as usual, opening the box and the wrapping was a ceremonious event in and of itself. After I got over the initial excitement, however, I proceeded to set everything up. Whoala, my whole world changed overnight. No longer do I have to boot up my computer to access the Internet (and god knows how much I rely on the Internet). This is especially true while at home. I can also check my personal emails with a touch of a button and no time delay. Wow, everything was great…until I became addicted to the convenience of the “instant on” Internet access.

Three days into becoming a Touch owner, I began to want to go online everywhere I go. But alas, the Touch only allows me to get online where accessible wi-fi networks exist. That means no Internet access while I am on the road or at a restaurant or a movie theater, etc. Never has the feeling of regret set in so fast before, especially with bigger purchases like the Touch.

I guess I underestimated the convenience that comes with anytime-anywhere access to the world wide web. So for those of you who are deciding between getting a Touch v. an iPhone, go with the iPhone. Otherwise, you too, may regret your decision.

Steve Jobs, what a brilliant, brilliant man!

Update: Read my new thoughts on my Touch.

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