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I was reading several of my favorite blogs these past few days and noticed most of them centered around the old (reflection) and the new (hopes, wishes, and resolutions). Very few actually talks about the present. For me, after taking the chunk of time off to think, reflect, and plan, I have decided the most important thing for me this coming year is to be more in the present.

Being more in the present isn’t just about enjoying the moment. It’s about expressing myself in the truest matter at that moment. For example, many people had graced my life with their presence this past year. Unfortunately, a handful of them are no longer in my life. Looking back, I wish I had thanked them at that moment for the things they had done for me and for the ways they had helped me. Now it’s too late because I can no longer reach out to them to express my appreciation.

I usually don’t make resolutions at all because I know I don’t have the discipline to keep them. But this year, I’ve decided to try to accomplish two things because I know they are important to me. One, as I mentioned, is carpe diem. I am going to try to be in the moment and seize the opportunity to make the most of that moment. Second, I am going to try to live out the advice dished out in the Wear Sunscreen speech.

I will try to share my progress (both successes and failures) on this blog periodically.  Cheers to the beginning of a wonderful year to all of us!  May this new year bring inner peace and serenity to you!

January 2009