I always like to end my week on a positive or inspirational note, so I thought I would spread that positivity by blogging about an inspiration and/or wisdom every Friday.  In marketing, they teach you that if you want an idea to catch on, you need to give it a name.  So Wisdom Friday it is!

Most people try to avoid failure as much as possible because failing makes us feel bad about ourselves, and nobody likes to feel bad.  What most people don’t realize is failure is not optional.  There has never been a human being who came before you and me who had never failed.  What makes you think you will be the first?

In fact, by trying to avoid failure one is only delaying failure.  If you don’t think there’s anything wrong with delaying failure, think of this analogy:

We all know that babies learn to walk by repeatedly getting up after they fall.  Imagine you were 9 months old and learning to walk for the first time.  If fear of falling down had kept you from taking that first step, you would never have learned to walk and would not be walking today.

So think about this next time you feel the fear in trying because you don’t want to feel bad after failing: would you rather fail now where people may be more forgivable (i.e. a 9 mo. old baby taking the first steps) or failing when the consequences of failure are much greater (i.e. not having learned how to walk at all).  Remember, failing now is always going to cost less (in mental stress, time, and money) than failing one, two, or ten years from now.

Happy Friday!