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I came across a post listing 50 reasons to date a geek.  I happened to have dated a geek once, and I found the list mostly true in my experience.  I think the reason it was mostly true was he went to Harvard Business School, so by the time I dated him, he was no longer a true geek.  In any event, I thought I would share with you my own experience against the list.

On the tech part, he indeed helped to fix my computer and my home entertainment system.  He was a self-proclaimed late adopter though, so he didn’t really expose me to awesome gadgets.  In fact, if anything, I was the one who showed him the cool stuff!  But he sure knew how to get good bargains — one of his (our?) favorite activities was strolling the aisles at Fry’s Electronics.  Then again, perhaps that speaks more to my geek-ness than his??!!

On the geek in love part, he definitely wasn’t a cheater.  It wasn’t so much he was socially inept as much as he thought the cost (the amount of money he would have to spend on several women all at once) outweighs the benefit.  My geek was passionate, alright, but more about his career than me unfortunately!

He wasn’t attentive or patient, but that’s because he suffered from a pretty severe case of ADHD. Neither was he easy to make happy.  In fact, the reason we broke up was because he felt unhappy (and insisted that I was unhappy dating him too — which wasn’t true).

As for calling, yes he called, even when he didn’t promise to call.  He just called whenever he felt like it.  But he wasn’t always easy to get a hold of; I usually ended up leaving messages that he never checked, and we usually reconnected after he decided to call.

He was very supportive of my passion.  And he did express on numerous occasions how grateful he felt to have my friendship.  But romantic, he was not.  He balked at my request to hold hands in public.  I never understood that!

On the geek world part, he loved movies!  I actually fell asleep in a few of the movies we went to…enough said!  But he also introduced me to a lot of new (geeky) things, such as quantum physics, the game theory, buddhism, etc.

On the social relations part, he definitely wasn’t afraid to stand out like a sore thumb.  It was problematic at times, but I finally just learned to accept him for who he was.  His friends were just as geeky as him, and yes, they were very nice.

He definitely didn’t care that I had a weird family even though he had never met them (other than my sisters).  And since my parents have never met him, I don’t know if he would have impressed them.

On the personality traits part, he was definitely successful, educated, intelligent, well informed, respectful, straight forward, a good problem solver and had wonderful imaginations.  All that made him a very fun conversationalist.  But he wasn’t detail oriented or had good taste in food.  In fact, he would only eat what he had tasted before, and asking him to try new cuisine was harder than pulling teeth!

So there you have it — my experience dating a geek.  Do you have stories of your own to share?  Feel free to leave them in the comments!

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