I recently read an article by Dr. John C. Maxwell on the steps towards success.  In the article, he listed the ten things that a leader should do/accomplish before reaching age 40.  I thought the list was a good one and want to share them with you:

  1. Know yourself
  2. Settle your family life
  3. Determine your priorities
  4. Develop your philosophy of life
  5. Get physically fit
  6. Learn your trade
  7. Pay the price
  8. Develop solid relationships
  9. Prepare for the future
  10. Find purpose for your life

Going through the list personally, I surprised myself at how many on the list I was able to check off.  For example, several years of soul searching in my 20s helped me discover who I am and develop a philosophy of life.  My recent vacation to Asia helped me find the purpose of my life and that in turn helped determine my priorities.  I am actively pursuing my trade by first, pursuing the right career and second, learning as much as I can from my job everyday.  I am also actively saving and investing my money so that I am better prepared for my future.  All these I do because I know if I don’t pay the price now, I don’t get to reap the reward later.

How about you?  How close are you to checking off the entire list of ten by age 40?