There are a few blogs I read on a regular basis (you can see some of them on my blogroll to the left), and there are certain individual blog posts that I go back to semi-regularly because the content is just THAT good.  I thought I would take the time and share with you some of my favorites:

  1. Planning your career. It seems like everybody has their two cents to add when it comes to giving career advice.  Some are more valid and useful than others, but I found the three part posts by Marc Andreessen one of the best around.  That’s because they are not only useful, they are insightful and practical.  I try to send it to the college kids I mentor, but actually, the advice is equally applicable to anybody who wants it:
  2. Deliver a presentation like Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is one of the best showman in business today.  When he speaks, everybody listens.  This post by Business Week attempted to break down the elements of Job’s speech that make him compelling as a speaker.  Each elements outlined in the post is not entirely new or revolutionary, but the post is an all-in-one package that’s good for reference or quick reminder for when we are putting together our own presentations:
  3. How to connect with VIPs. Have you always wanted to reach an important person whom you feel can mentor you, help you close the deal of your life time, introduce you to your next job, or simply to learn from?  If so, you may find this post interesting to read.  While I’ve never tried out the techniques discussed in the post for the purpose of reaching out to those I don’t know, I have used it to engage those I barely know.  And it works!  I hope you find it useful in your life as well: