I was browsing for meaningful content on the web this past weekend and came across this passage from The Simple Dollar:

“Quite often, the only difference between the people we look up to and the people we look down upon are a handful of little events. A parent that cared a little more. An unexpected death. A bad test result with no positive reaffirmation to get up and give it another shot. A lost promotion. A hurtful comment at an emotionally weak moment. A flash of anger, by them or by someone else. A bit of peer pressure. The opportunity to make a connection with someone who can open a door.”

It’s so true.  When I look back on my own life, I can see that I have been helped by so many people along the way.  Some helped me out of the kindness of their heart, some because they loved me, while some didn’t even know their actions had helped me.  While I choose to pay attention to the positive, I know I’ve been equally affected by the negatives as well.  Often, it’s the littlest actions that make the biggest impacts, positive and negative.

For example, I was volunteering this past Sunday for the Asian American Donor Program (AADP) to raise awareness and sign up interested parties to be on the bone marrow donor registry.  We were at a street fair and had to approach strangers to engage them in conversation.  Of those who declined, some were polite and smiled at us while saying no, but others didn’t even bother to look us in the eyes.  Instead, they walked straight past our approach as if we did not even exist.  Truth is, it takes but one second to smile and say no.  That one second of effort cost almost nothing but could really make the lives of those who approached you that much brighter.  Again, small actions = big impacts.

The next time you decide to do something, anything, I hope you will remember how your actions always affect those around you.  Your actions could brighten (or darken) their day or even change their lives!  And I hope you will always choose to make a positive difference!