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Ever wonder what pops up when people search for your name? I do a sanity check every so often by typing my own name into Google to see what shows up. None of the results are bad (so far) although some of them are outdated. I do that to see what people, especially potential employers, can find out about me in advance of our meeting. If you don’t already google yourself, I highly encourage you to do so. Some of the results may surprise you.

But if you are lazy, you can use CV Gadget instead. CV Gadgets is a neat little gadget I discovered today that aggregates all the possible search results from various sources into one page with expandable/collapsable widgets. It’s supposed to include all the sites that HR may use to screen job applicants, so this may come in handy for your next job search.

When I input my name, I found some expected results along with some interesting ones. For example, under “Images” were four pictures — one woman and three men, and none of them is me! And under “Blogs”, it returned three results (but I only have one blog). And instead of listing my blog, it listed somebody else’s blog who pinged back to one of my posts.

In any event, I think you should definitely give it a shot. At the very least, the results are entertaining! Happy Friday, everybody!

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