On Friday, July 25, I wept for a man I’ve never met. I am sure thousands did the same. The man was Randy Pausch, most well-known for the “Last Lecture” he delivered. I recently finished his book also by the same title, and that’s what prompted me to write this post. If you enjoyed his lecture, you will find his book equally if not more inspiring.

In the book, he talked a lot about reaching out and making a difference in people’s lives. He said one of his goals in life had always been to teach young students to think for themselves, and he gave examples of how he made that happen on a one-to-one scale as well as on a one-to-million scale. Reading those words in the book made me want to reach out and make a difference in those around me too.

It’s one thing to be inspired, but quite another to realize the task at hand is daunting. Not wanting to be discouraged so easily, however, I turned to the web to search for assurance that I can make a difference. The following clip did just that for me. Humor aside, it shows how a few persons can influence people who don’t even know them. I need to remember and apply that to my quest in reaching out and making a difference. I hope it, too, can convince you that everybody can be an influence — yourself included.