While poking around for some research on user behavior, I came across a study conducted by Evercare called the 100 @ 100 survey.  The objective of the study is to provide insights into one of the fastest-growing segments of the population.  According to the study itself, “the anecdotal survey of Centenarians is meant to provide a cultural snapshot of the lives and lifestyles of Americans who achieve and surpass the 100-year-old milestone by remaining active and independent.”

The findings were interesting, but I was drawn to the section about achieving lasting relationship.  Here is what the wise Centenarians have to say about cultivating lasting love:

  • Be honest with each other “even if the truth sometimes hurts”
  • Have fun and laugh together
  • Respect each other’s independence
  • Say “sorry” even if you don’t feel you are wrong

Pretty good advice, I’ll say.  For the full report, go here: http://www.evercarehealthplans.com/pdf/2008_Evercare_100@100_Survey.pdf