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I recently decided to jump back into the dating pool with both feet.  Naturally, I am drawn to reading materials pertaining to love, relationships, and courtship in general.  While pilfering through some of my daily reading materials, I came across this post about flowers.  More specifically, it talks about courtship involving the giving and receiving of flowers back in the Victorian age.  As much of a romantic as I am, I never knew different flowers bear different meanings.  Here are some of my favorites (straight from the post):

  • Daisy – Loyal love
  • Orchid – Love and beauty
  • Pink Rose – Secret love
  • Yellow & Orange Rose – Passionate thoughts
  • Red Camellia – You’re a flame in my heart

For more, click here.

Oh, and for all you men out there, when a woman says she doesn’t want “anything” on special occasions, you would do well to read this post about women’s secret code. Here is a hint: What the woman in your life really wants when she says she wants nothing is an acknowledgment that you love her and are thinking about her.  It need not cost money – you’d be surprise what a love note will do!

Happy loving!

Update: For more cheap romantic ideas, check out this site.

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