It’s magical what a 3.5 weeks vacation can do for one’s psyche.  It also allowed plenty of time for me to reflect on my own life.  When I reflect, I usually come up with more questions than answers.  For one particular question, however, I thought I would try the wisdom of the crowd to get some insights.  This question is for women just like myself: single successful career women who are too busy with life most of the time to think about where her personal life is heading.  If this sounds like you, please chime in.

Here is the question — Imagine you are in your 50s.  If you have a choice, would you rather:

  1. Have a successful career and a personal net worth of a few millions but single?
  2. Be happily married with or without children of your own but living a middle class life?

Up until my recent trip, I’ve always believed that I am in charge of my own destiny therefore if married life is not meant to be, I can take care of myself.  Up until then, the two choices above made no difference to me.  But when I actually took the time during my vacation to really examine my deepest desire, I realized I was wrong.  I do have a preference, and my preference is to love and be loved in a happy relationship.  I will gladly give up a successful career to help my husband be successful at his.  All I want in return is somebody who is loving, somebody who cares and cherishes my presence in his life.

If the above question resonates with you, please drop a line.