I recently decided to leave my current company to pursue other opportunities. When I began to tell my friends about my decision, a handful of them asked me if I were going to continue my daily hour-long commute each way while I finish up. “Of course,” I said without hesitation. Why won’t I?

Turns out the explanations they gave vary, but I find all of them rather puzzling. Most of the sentiments centered around, “What are they going to do to you? Fire you?” But I think that kind of attitude completely missed the point. Here are a few reasons why I decided to perform at my maximum level even during the last days of my employment with my current employer:

  1. I am still gainfully employed, which means I am still getting paid. While I am drawing a salary, I expect to perform at the level expected of me.
  2. I spent almost three years developing the relationships with my managers and my co-workers. I am not about to throw that all away in the last two weeks of my employment by acting as if I were already gone.
  3. The Internet world is a small one. Burning bridges is the equivalent of committing career suicide!
  4. Even if the Internet world is not small, why unnecessarily burn bridges? You never know from whom you may need favors in the future (both in your personal and professional life).

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