I live next door to a chain smoker. It normally would not be a big deal. After all, she is in her own apartment killing herself slowly — that’s really none of my business. But the second hand smoke travel into my apartment and sometimes trigger mild asthma attacks in me. I’ve asked her on several occasions to be considerate of her second hand smoke, but she continues to blatantly disregard the harm she’s causing others around her.

Smoking kills, people! If you want to kill yourself, I won’t interfere. But please don’t kill me as I value my life a trillion times more than you do yours. With that said, I am going to start an anti-smoking campaign. I encourage everybody who are affected by second hand smoke to take a stand against inconsiderate smokers. I will start — and if you care to share in my anti-smoking crusade, please post the following video on your blogs too.